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      3. Get in Touch

        Service Model

        Service Model

        Our service model is based on the service model of Fideuram – Intesa Sanpaolo private banking s.p.a. Fideuram is committed to serving high-end clients by providing them with superior financial products and advisory services to create value.


        Following in the same strain, YITSAI’s financial advisors focus on providing financial advisory services to clients. Different from the traditional product-oriented fund sales model, we carefully analyze the customers’ actual needs and risk tolerance through our innovative demand pyramid analysis model, and provide customers with asset allocation suggestions in a completely transparent and law-abiding manner, so as to help customers manage their assets more effectively.


        The core and foundation of our service model is the long-term relation of trust established between clients and private financial advisors. In addition, the professionalism of private financial advisors, their transparent way of working and respect & protection of clients’ privacy are also essential elements of this service model.

        Four steps for Wealth Management Quality Service Experience

        • Analysis:Make in-depth, comprehensive and objective analysis on customer needs and risk tolerance.
        • Plan:Define an all-sided investment strategy based on in-depth analysis to better meet customer’s needs.
        • Solution:According to our market resources, to provide customers with tailor-made product solution.
        • Monitoring After Sales:Continuously track the performance of products, issue reports, note potential risks in time and adjust plans in case of market fluctuations.